Initials LA

Initials L.A. is a creative photo management and production agency based in Antwerp and Amsterdam. Initials L.A. is known for representing both new and established photographers and filmmakers, as well as being an expert in photo and mood film production.

Initials L.A. represents top-level talent in all fields of photography and content creation. Whether it's fashion, advertising, portrait, still life, beauty, interior or food photography, each artist offers his/her own unique style and field of expertise, often including strong filmmaking skills.

Initials L.A. has built an extensive creative network throughout the years. If they can’t offer the right talent in-house, they can fall back on our network to find the perfect match for your project.

After all, each project deserves a custom-made approach. Initials L.A. will always work to compose the best possible creative team to guide you from creation to print. They choose to work with the best, the coolest and the most fun players in the field.