Hotel Pilar: Hotel, Foodbar & Shop

an eclectic home away from home

The sunniest corner of Antwerp’s Het Zuid quarter recently saw the opening of Hotel Pilar, an eclectic spot designed for exciting encounters. Pilar is a home away from home for international travellers and local residents alike. This architectural, white building houses a colourful 17-room hotel, a lobby-cum-foodbar, and a shop showcasing both unusual finds and in-house creations. Pilar positively palpitates with the personalities of its founders – Interior Architect Sam Peeters and Hotel Manager Christophe Ysewyn.

The vibrant urban life of Antwerp’s arty Het Zuid quarter is reflected in Hotel Pilar’s striking orange-pink terrace and lobby-cum-foodbar. Hotel Pilar is an eclectic spot with many different facets and influences. It is a place where you can sleep, work, meet, eat and relax. It’s also a platform that will continuously evolve over the years to accommodate new opportunities and interests.

Hotel Pilar is a highly personal space in which a genuine passion for art shines through. Behind its bright white façade, Sam and Christophe invite their guests to relax and to draw inspiration from the many artworks and interior objects spread throughout the building. They want to bring their guests into contact with everything that they themselves love. Every room and every space houses a different selection of artworks, objects and designer furniture pieces, each of which has its own story to tell. This is the culmination of years of searching and is a testament to the creativity of the founders themselves.

Our starting point when breathing life into Hotel Pilar was often ‘we-made-it-ourselves-because-we-couldn’t-find-it'. This continues to be our guiding principle. We want to create a space that can evolve over the years, and naturally this means that we will carry on ‘making’. - Sam Peeters

Read the full press release here
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