Muller Van Severen at Salone del Mobile

Muller Van Severen have launched two new designs for valerie_objects, on view during this year's Milan Design Week.

The simpler the object appears, the harder it is to make: that’s the golden rule of pure design. For the cutlery project it was no different. It took Muller Van Severen three years to create a prototype that could be manufactured. The predicament was the special handle which consists of a colored metal plate on top of the shaft, creating a separated layer of color. The trouble was: how do you stick that layer on the shaft? You can’t just glue it. After extensive research the problem was solved by meticulously welding the handle from the inside, thus avoiding any visual disturbance on the outside.

The cutlery is completely free of any unnecessary curves or fringes yet maintains a frivolous and playful appearance. That is due to the soft forms and the striking metal layers on the handles in blue, copper, brass and steel. The color pallet we chose is sober and playful at the same time.

For the second project, Belgian design label valerie_objects gave five designers carte-blanche to create a pepper and salt mill that would spice up your dinner table. Fien and Hannes reinterpreted the classic mill by reshaping the two basic parts of it — the head and the cylinder —  into two perfectly geometrical forms: a sphere and a cube. The mill appears to be a sculpture rather than a functional tool. The sculptural quality is further accentuated by the shiny nickel plated finishing of the sphere, in which its direct surroundings are beautifully reflected. Other designers that have collaborated on this project are Maarten Baas, Studio Wieki Somers, Sigve Knutson and Thomas Ballouhey, and Nendo.

Both projects are on display until April 22nd at Rossana Orlandi in Milano.