Fosbury & Sons in Wallpaper* Magazine

Words by Siska Lyssens

Once the nely sculpted symbols of hope and the architectural avant-garde in a troubled post-war world, brutalist towers have, over the years, generated two distinct camps: for some, they are beloved icons gracing the pages of architecture books the world over and, for others, justly neglected behemoths, the reminders of shifting public tastes and misjudged modernist experiments. Now some are being rebooted and given new life. Renewed interest in the structures’ architectural heritage, robust construction and strong visual potential have prompted a wave of savvy renovations from eagle-eyed developers who wish to save – and capitalise on – the towers’ dramatic shapes. From Brussels to London, we explore what’s coming up in this new age of brutalism.

Fosbury & Sons founders Stijn Geeraets and Maarten Van Gool explain why they fell in love with this iconic building by Constantin Brodzki and talk about their plans to restore it to its former glory. Read all about it in the brand new July issue of Wallpaper* magazine