New style deli MIDORI offers quality food for work/life

The next generation office meets the next generation deli in the WATT tower in Antwerp. Right at the entrance of the renovated tower, housing a.o. the renowned office and co-working space Fosbury & Sons, Midori welcomes hungry passers-by to take away quality food both in flavour and nutrition.The new style deli offers food for work and life balance, right at the entrance of your office to grab-and-go. Midori aims to fit pure food and convenience right into your daily work-life schedule to make sure you keep going.

The office market is rapidly moving towards smarter and more stylish office solutions. But in addition to being super stylish, the office 2.0  is all about the convenience of its people with e.g. great transport options, state of the art gyms and great food options. In Antwerp, the people behind catering company/coffee and lunch spot Coffeelabs - who are in charge of nourishing hungry Fosbury & Sons members - want to fill in the need of working people to fuel themselves with balanced and savoury food throughout their entire day. Their new concept Midori takes up residence right at the entrance of the office building. First base: WATT tower Antwerp.


Midori - the Japanese word for 'green' - is a powerfood stop at the entrance of the office building. It takes you from breakfast to dinner, following your daily flow. Filling, delicious and nutritiously balanced meals are prepared in-house, with a strong focus on peek seasonal vegetables. Hungry workers or passers-by can hop in before, during or after work to grab-and-go, or eat in at the shared countertop table. Hop in on your way to work for a quick coffee, juice or a breakfast bowl and take a 10 AM snack with you, come back for a balanced lunch and take away a satisfying evening meal on the way out. Are you not amongst the lucky ones to work in a building housing a Midori? Have your meal delivered to your office/doorstep.

The Midori menu goes from rustic and utterly delicious salads, toasts, vegetable and grain dishes, pastas, fish and meat mains, and desserts. Midori offers daily menu's essential options and seasonal specials. Vegetarian and vegan options are an important part of the menu.

By the founders of Coffeelabs : Virginie Verellen & Elisabeth Somers

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