1 more year of Chambre Séparée in Ghent

Renowned Belgian Chef Kobe Desramaults (In de Wulf, Chambre Séparée, De Superette) announces the last year of Chambre Séparée in Ghent with an atmospheric video by Piet De Kersgieter, accompanied with music by Dijf Sanders. From today on you can visit Chambre Séparée in its intimate setting in the heart of Ghent for one more year. The final date is 12.12.2020.

The city of Ghent has been an enormous source of inspiration to Kobe, but from the very beginning Chambre Séparée was set up to be a temporary concept of 4 years. A nice test for Kobe to see if he could function in the city afther 15 years of 'In de Wulf' in Dranouter and 30 years in the family business. But nature is calling. In 2020, Kobe will cook for another whole year at Chambre Séparée while looking for a new destination for the restaurant, in Belgium or abroad.

2020 will therefore be an exciting year for Kobe, in which both 'Chambre Séparée' and 'De Superette' in Ghent, and the quest for the new perfect destination will demand his attention.

Watch the video here