Publishing house Luster presents : Camper Food & Stories

Recipes, travel tips and dreamy images from the life of a happy camper

Camper Food & Stories is the result of food stylist Els and food photographer Bram’s shared passion for camper van travelling and slow cooking. It’s an ode to life on the road as well as to good, pure and flavourful food. With this book you’ll travel from the Black Forest to Denmark and from Cornwall to the Balkans. You’ll discover the most beautiful unspoilt places in Belgium and the Netherlands, and you’ll be inspired by the wonderful, dreamy travel photos and personal stories. It's a cookbook with countless recipes and tricks to cook delicious food when you're travelling with the camper, in all seasons and with local ingredients. But their book is so much more than that: the beautiful photos capture the imagination and the personal stories bring the wonderful feeling of being free on the road really close. Camper Food & Stories is in bookstores starting March 30.

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