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ALLTUBES is a series of objects consisting of the repetition of round aluminium tubes. The series includes several cabinets, a bench and a chair and forms a family with the same genes but different characters.

It is the repetition of this aluminium tube that recurs in all objects. Through the rhythm and repetition of the round shape, the objects are stripped of their severity. This also creates the wavy effect and gives the surface the opportunity to play with the light. By bringing together the same element each time, surfaces are created and the whole literally and figuratively gets a strength.

With the cabinets, the top surface gets a 'soft' side due to the confluence of the tubes at the top. Functions are created by an occasional simple fold. Like legs of a bench. In the case of the chair, the tube becomes both a leg and a banister or a seat in one flowing movement.

There are no hinges, rivets or door openings visible, they dissolve or visually disappear in the circuits of the round profiles. This makes the cabinets more like volumes, a kind of mysterious plinths, stripped of front, back or side. Only by extending the four tubes do these volumes come off the ground, and the tubes become legs or supports that illuminate the whole. They become free-standing objects in the space, characters in a setting.

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